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We have seven allotment sites around the town, in the following locations:-

Cemetery Road & Dumpfield - near the Water Tower on Cemetery Road.  What Three Words Reference ///spaces.rotations.splash & ///risks.cavalier.breeze. 

Scarning - opposite Chestnut Road, behind the bus stop.  What Three Words Reference ///chats.germinate.deaf.

Cherry Lane 1 & 2 - off Norwich Road, near Dereham Windmill.  What Three Words Reference /// & ///

Southend - near Moorgate play area, behind the rugby field.  What Three Words Reference ///clinic.safest.double.

Toftwood - the Toftwood site is accessed from Charles Close, off Hillcrest Avenue.  What Three Words Reference ///racing.valley.foot.

Applying for an Allotment

If you are interested in taking on an allotment, please complete an application form and return it to us. Some sites are more popular than others and so you may have to be added to a waiting list, but do not let this put you off; allotment inspections take place three times a year, with rent collections in October, and during these periods vacancies can often arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an allotment?


As from April 2023 allotment rent is charged at £2.49 per rod (25 square meters).  Rent is due to increase to £2.61 per rod from April 2024. The average plot size is 10 rods, but we do have some smaller and larger ones.  Rent is due in October of each year; a Rent Letter is sent late September/early October advising of what to pay and how to pay the yearly rent.

Can I use a hosepipe on my allotment?

Hosepipes can only be used to fill up a water butt and must not be used for watering crops directly.  Sprinklers are not permitted.  Water is a precious and very expensive commodity, we ask that tenants use it sparingly, ensuring that taps are turned off after use and that the use of water is not abused.  The taps are turned off during winter months to avoid the pipes freezing and bursting.  We encourage all tenants to install water butts on their plots for the collection of rain water.

Can I keep chickens on my allotment?

Yes, you can keep hens, however you will require written permission from us. Complete an application form to apply for permission. Up to six hens are permitted per tenant, however cockerels are not allowed.

Can I have a shed, greenhouse or polytunnel on my allotment?

Yes you can, however you will require written permission from us. Complete an application form to apply for permission.  Further consideration will be required if you would like to put more than one of each item on the plot.

Can I have more than one plot?

Yes you can; a plot holder is allowed up to 40 rods, which can be spread over a number of plots.  However, if there is a waiting list on your preferred site, then applicants without a plot will be prioritised over tenants who would like an additional plot.

I live outside Dereham/Toftwood, can I still apply for a plot?

Yes you can, however Dereham (including Toftwood) residents are prioritised over applicants from another town/parish.  You will be put on the non-parishioner waiting list and will be offered a plot once there is no one on the parishioner waiting list.

What happens if I cannot get to my plot because of poor health/injury?

Please inform the Allotment Officer of anything preventing you from working on your plot as this may be taken into consideration on inspections.  If you do not inform us, you may be sent a letter following the inspection requiring improvements to be made within a certain time-frame.  If this work is then not completed, you risk your tenancy being revoked.  During periods of ill health, as a minimum requirement, we do ask that you get friends/family to help keep grass/weeds under control.  If you are unable to visit your plot long-term, then we advise that you consider relinquishing your tenancy until your health improves enough to enable you to maintain a plot, after which you can re-apply for a plot.

Can my plot be taken away from me?

Yes.  If you do not adhere to the tenancy agreement, which you will have signed, and if you do not follow instructions/requirements/improvements given by the Allotment Officer within a specified time-frame, then the Town Council can issue a Notice to Quit (NTQ) which will revoke your tenancy of the plot.  After a NTQ is issued, you will have one month to remove your belongings from the plot, which will then be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

If I want to relinquish my tenancy of a plot, do I have to wait until October, when the rent year renews?

No.  Plots can be given up at any point throughout the year, you do not have to wait until rent is due in October for this.  If you wish to relinquish the tenancy of a plot, you will need to complete a Giving Up Form and return this to the Town Council Office.

For help and advice on how to successfully run an allotment plot, please download our Allotment Gardeners Information Leaflet.


The Dereham and District Allotments and Gardeners Society (DDAGS) ceased activities in summer 2020.

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