Important Information Regarding Fires on Allotments

PUBLISHED 25/06/2020


Following a number of complaints and an incident where the Fire & Rescue Service were called out, fires on ALL allotment sites are temporarily banned until November. 

Many people are very anxious and nervous at this current time. Smoke from fires is an unnecessary addition to some people's anxieties and a nuisance to people in nearby properties wishing to be outside. 

Dry weather has also increased the risk of fires spreading. All emergency services are under great pressure at the moment and should not have to risk their own health to attend unnecessary fires on allotments; a hazard which can be prevented by your acceptance of this ban. 

Any fires during the banned period will automatically be classed as a 'nuisance' and/or 'an annoyance to neighbouring properties' and will result in immediate termination of tenancy. 

We trust that you will appreciate the reason for this temporary ban and ask for your full co-operation. 

Thank you


We have seven allotment sites around the town, in the following locations:-

Cemetery Road & Dumpfield - near the Water Tower on Cemetery Road. 

Scarning - opposite Chestnut Road, behind the bus stop.

Cherry Lane 1 & 2 - near Dereham Windmill.

Southend - near Moorgate play area, behind the rugby field.

Toftwood - the Toftwood site is accessed from Charles Close.

Applying for an Allotment

If you are interested in taking on an allotment, please complete an application form and return it to us. Some sites are more popular than others and so you may have to be added to a waiting list, but do not let this put you off; allotment inspections take place three times a year, with rent collections in October, and during these periods vacancies can often arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an allotment?

As from April 2019 allotment rent will be charged at £2.23 per rod (25 square metres). The average plot size is 10 rods, but we do have some smaller or larger ones.

Can I use a hosepipe on my allotment?

Hosepipes can only be used to fill up a water butt and must not be used for watering crops directly. Sprinkers are not permitted.

Can I keep chickens on my allotment?

Yes you can, however you will require written permission from us. Drop us an email or letter to make your request. Up to six hens are permitted per tenant, however no cockerels are allowed.

Can I have a shed or greenhouse on my allotment?

Yes you can, however you will require written permission from us. Complete an application form to apply for permission.

Can I have more than one plot?

Yes you can; a plot holder is allowed up to 40 rods, which can be spread over a number of plots. 

Allotment Forms

If you are interested in joining the Dereham and District Allotments and Gardeners Society (DDAGS), please visit their website.

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