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Services and Amenities

Ever wondered what your Town Council is here to do?  We are directly responsible for:


We look after 7 allotment sites around the town. Take a look at the Allotments page for more details on where they can be found, and how to apply for one.

Bishop Bonners Cottage

Originally three cottages, Bishop Bonners Cottage is the oldest surviving domestic building in Dereham. We are the Trustees of the museum, which is run by the Dereham Heritage Trust. For more information on the museum, visit their website


The cemetery on Cemetery Road is now near to capacity. A new site on Norwich Road was opened by Councillor Robert Hambidge on 19 April 2018. It’s leaf inspired design was created by Jeremy Stacey Architects. 


Although burials no longer take place there, we maintain the closed churchyard around St Nicholas Church.

See the Cemetery Page for more information.

Community Car Scheme

Our non-profit car sharing scheme, run in conjunction with Breckland Council, providing transport for people in the town who would otherwise be unable to make essential journeys. See the Community Car Scheme page for more information.


Our markets are held every Tuesday and Friday in the Market Place and Church Street. 

Visit our Facebook page for all the latest news and information.

If you are interested in a pitch on our market, complete an application form and return to us at the address below.

Dereham Market Application Form

Memorial Hall

A multi-use community facility capable of accommodating professional shows and community activities. A star in its own right, you can find out more information about what's on, or how to hire the hall by visiting the website.

General Maintenance

Bus shelters, installing litter and dog bins (these are emptied by Breckland Council), Etling Green, Recreation Ground (including tennis courts), Barwells Court Public Toilets and the Town Sign. Although we own Neatherd Moor, Breckland Council are responsible for the maintenance of this.

Play Areas 


There are several around the town that we are responsible for the maintenance of - 

  • Moorgate (Rugby Field)

  • Neatherd Moor

  • School Lane

  • Middlemarch Road

  • Hillcrest Avenue (Pond Park)

  • Recreation Road (Toftwood)

  • Girling Road

  • Lineside

  • London Road (on the Rec)

  • Russet Way

War Memorial

Unveiled in 1922, the war memorial is dedicated to the men of Dereham who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

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