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Our financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March. We agree an annual budget in January each year and also decide how much the annual Precept* should be set at. 

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 aims to make it easier for local people to see how Council funds are being spent.  Each month, at the Full Council meetings, all expenditure is presented to Councillors as payments to be made, along with all payments made on the Council’s charge card.  As from April 2024 these payment details will remain available on the Full Council Agenda page titled ‘Payments’.


Financial year end 2023/24.

The year end accounts and other documents are published following the June Full Council meeting.


*Parish and Town Councils are empowered to raise money for their activities through a tax (the Precept) on the town's residents which is collected on their behalf by the District Council, as an addition to the District and County Council Tax. This is then paid to the Town Council in two equal instalments.




Each year we give grants to worthy local community groups and projects. If you feel that your group could benefit from a small grant from the Town Council then please write to us. We would like to hear about the plans you hope to achieve, how much you are looking for and who would benefit.


We consider grant applications at our Finance meetings, which are held every three months. Please first read our policy and, if you would like to apply, complete and return our application form.

Reviewing figures at a finance meeting
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