Cemetery Road has been open since 1869. Plots are available to purchase at this site, however all other interments now take place at our new cemetery on Norwich Road, which opened in April 2018. 

Burials and Ashes Interments

Burials and Ashes Interments are usually organised via a Funeral Director. For any enquiries, please contact the office on 01362 693821 or via email generalenquiries@derehamtowncouncil.org

Exclusive Rights of Burial

Exclusive Rights of Burial may be purchased for a period of 60 years. This is often done by people who may wish to reserve a grave next to a loved one. It entitles the purchaser to determine who shall be interred in the grave. Please note however that the grant of such rights does not confer on the owner any rights of title to the land; the grave itself remains at all times the property of Dereham Town Council.


We are responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery. It is the responsibility of the next of kin to ensure that memorials are kept in good order and that mowers and machinery are not obstructed by incorrectly positioned vases, containers and other items. We undertake memorial inspections from time to time, and in the event of a memorial being found to be unstable we will endeavour to contact relatives to ask them to repair the memorial. It is only as a last resort that we lie memorials down.

Cemetery Forms

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