Town Council meetings

Minutes of Council meetings are available to read between one to two weeks after a meeting. They are published in draft form and approved at the next council meeting. Agendas are published on the Thursday before a Tuesday meeting. A copy is also displayed on the Assembly Rooms noticeboard.




Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings but whilst members of the public cannot participate a short period of time is given for members of the public to air their views on matters directly related to the Council.


Council meeting dates


Meetings are held at The Assembly Rooms in Dereham.  The dates for Full Council meetings in 2020 are: 

14 January 

11 February

10 March

14 April

16 April

12 May

9 June

14 July

11 August

8 September

13 October

10 November

8 December



The Role of the Clerk


The Clerk is the ‘Proper Officer’ of the Council who is responsible for the smooth running of the Council’s business in conjunction with a team of staff. Responsibility for implementing the decisions of the Council rests with the Clerk along with giving professional guidance where necessary whilst remaining neutral and discrete. The Clerk is also responsible for financial management.


The Clerk and their team prepares, circulates and displays agendas in public places. They signs notices and summonses with a list of business to be transacted but do not have the power to fix the meetings of the Council. The Clerk is required to attend meetings, take minutes, and carry out or manage the actions taken at meetings.

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Clerk to the Council: Antony Needham

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