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Town Councillors

The current Town councillors for Dereham are listed below. If you wish to make contact with any councillor, please do so using the contact details provided. Councillor register of interests can be found on Breckland Council’s website.

Linda Monument - Mayor of Dereham

Committees: Plans, Markets & Building, Social & Welfare, Finance & Governance, Personnel

Contact Details

07970 375776

Ray O'Callaghan - Deputy Mayor

Committees: Plans, Markets & Buildings, Social & Welfare

 Contact Details

Amy-Jane Brooks

Committees: Plans, Heritage & Open Spaces, Recreation

I am proud to have been co-opted onto the Town Council. I have lived in Dereham for almost 30 years. After a period of 5 years in Reading whilst I was at university, I moved back to Dereham in 2011 and I currently live in Toftwood. I love living in Dereham and want to get the best for all residents, not just for residents in certain areas of the town.


I currently work in the town centre, however in September 2019 I will be commencing teacher training. I am very much aware of the struggles many people face on a day-to-day basis and I try to get involved in activities to raise awareness of this. Housing issues and homelessness issues are key areas of concern. I am currently in the process of setting up a branch of a Tenants Union for Dereham, Norwich and the surrounding areas. I also raise money for a housing charity by taking part in the Great North Run.


In my spare time I enjoy going for walks and weekends away with my husband, as well as going to concerts and spending time with my friends and family.

Contact Details

07539 366891

Harry Clarke

Committees: Plans, Markets & Buildings, Social & Welfare, Finance & Governance

As well as a Town Councillor, Harry is also a District Councillor, where he represents the District ward of Withburga.

He is a former NHS Assistant Director, working in the fields of patient safety, clinical quality and risk management in Norfolk, Suffolk, London and the South East. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Harry is a member of Dementia Friendly Dereham, supports Cancer and Animal charities and has a keen interest in Dereham's industrial heritage.

Contact Details

01362 696229

07956 884461

Kendra Cogman

Committees: Plans, Recreation, Heritage & Open Spaces,Personnel

Contact Details

Carolyn Coleman

Committees: Plans, Market & Buildings, Social & Welfare

I have been a very active member of the local community since I retired from full time employment. Through my voluntary work as a member of the aboutDereham Partnership, I have come to understand some of the issues in Dereham that are of concern to residents. I would like to be able to speak up on behalf of residents and try to help the Town Council in its mission to make the town a safe and attractive environment for everyone.

Contact Details


Phillip Duigan

Committees: Plans, Heritage & Open Spaces, Recreation, Finance & Governance

Contact Details

01362 692443

Zoe Flint

Committees: Plans, Recreation, Heritage & Open Spaces, Personnel

I’m so pleased to have been co-opted onto the Town Council.

I have lived in Dereham for over 30 years – All three of my children have attended schools in Dereham.

I have worked in Dereham for the last 17 years as a reflexologist, baby massage instructor and swim teacher. I have been involved with Dereham Cancer Care for over 10 years.

I’m totally committed to being a voice of the people and want to see Dereham improve, our community spirit is evident and we need to support and build on this. Dereham, its residents, environment and community is so important and I want to help where I can.

I love living in Dereham and want it to be a safe place for all with green spaces and a thriving community.

Contact Details


Stuart Green

Committees: Plans, Markets & Buildings, Social & Welfare, Personnel, Finance & Governance

Contact Details

07897 717752

Alan Greenwood

Committees: Plans, Heritage & Open Spaces, Recreation

I have lived, worked or been schooled in Dereham all my life and lived beside the Neatherd in the 60’s. I have known Dereham through the good times and the more difficult times. I am an independent councillor and look forward to working with all my fellow councillors for the benefit of the people of Dereham and Toftwood.

My interests included running and walking around our lovely town and surrounding countryside.

I can be contacted by email regarding any issues or concerns that you may have. I look forward to representing you both now and in the future.

Contact Details

Hugh King

Committees: Plans, Markets & Buildings, Social & Welfare, Personnel

I moved from Canterbury in Kent to Dereham in 1980. I am married and have four children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I served in HM Forces for 9 years; on my termination I joined British Rail at Canterbury and moved to Dereham, where I spent most of my time as a Manager for Anglia Railways until retirement 24 years later.

On retirement I became a member of the former Board of Visitors at HMP Wayland, and went on to become Vice-Chairman. I have been a volunteer on Mid-Norfolk Railways as a Director, where I spent five years as Standards and Compliance Director. At present I am the Public Relations Officer for Norfolk Military Vehicles Group (my hobby) and am also a member of the Royal British Legion Dereham branch, for which I served as Secretary and Vice-Chairman. I had to stand down to take on the position as the County Chairman for Norfolk RBL, which I am now undertaking. I am now looking forward to another new challenge as a Councillor for Dereham.

My other interests are in both the youth and elderly sides in Dereham.

Contact Details

07867 522769

Philip Morton

Committees: Plans, Heritage & Open Spaces, Recreation, Finance & Governance

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